The best free websites for over 50s dating

Are you looking to join a free dating site for over 50s? We've compiled a list of the best free dating sites and included some interesting information about each site. This will make it easy to pick the dating site that's the best fit for you!

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The best free websites for over 50s dating
  • The modern dating scene is driven by online dating, which is growing in popularity among older people.
  • While it can be intimidating to use a dating website for the first time, many find long-term relationships.
  • Online dating makes it easier to find a new relationship without worrying about your social circle.
  • There are specifically targeted mature dating sites and general dating platforms for single over 50s.

Over 50s dating: FAQs

  • Do many people over 50 use online dating sites?

    Yes, online dating sites are getting increasingly popular with all age groups. Far from having the stigma they once did, dating sites are now seen as essential tools for finding like-minded people and potential partners. They are straightforward to use and allow you to meet people you'd otherwise never come across.

  • What are the downsides of online dating?

    Online you meet many people you exchange a few messages with, and then the conversation dies out as you, or the other party, realize you weren't that great a match after all. Or one of you got chatting with someone else that was more interesting.

    You will also meet people you like online, maybe because you have similar interests, but not in real life. Online chemistry is not the same as offline chemistry. That's why a short first date is best—a 20-minute coffee before work or an ice cream and a stroll on the beach. At least when you walk, silences won't be awkward. Another option is group activities, such as attending a wine and cheese-tasting event together.

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The best free dating sites for those over 50 can be divided into two categories—sites exclusively for those over 50 and sites for everyone but with many members over 50.

There's also a bit of a caveat regarding free dating sites. Sites like Tinder and Bumble, as well as POF and OkCupid, are free and functional without you having to cough up any money. However, they charge for "premium" services, like seeing who's already liked you without having to swipe through a lot of potential matches. However, you don't need to pay for a premium membership to enjoy their services unless you swipe no by mistake and want to undo it.

Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or even something casual, our selection of dating sites has something for everyone. Find what you're looking for with Age Times!

Then there are all the other sites on this list. They are free to join, but you must pay to be able to communicate with potential dates. The good thing about these so-to-speak free sites? You can have a look around before you decide to pay. If there are several members you would like to chat with, it can be worth the price tag.

Different sites have different perks and, most importantly, different types of members. So let's look at the various free dating sites for over 50s, and then you can decide which ones to check out further.


Let's start with the number one free dating app: Tinder.

Since its launch, Tinder has amassed an impressive amount of members worldwide. Currently, they have about 75 million active members, of which around 8 million live in the US. 

You won't lack potential matches on Tinder. You can spend hours checking out fellow singles, particularly if you set your search pretty wide and are okay with meeting people in nearby cities. The app is also straightforward to use.

The not-so-cool thing about Tinder? People can be flaky. Some swipe right on you and never even bother saying hello, as someone else has already caught their attention. So if you like someone, reach out with a witty comment as soon as you match to engage them in a conversation. And know that it is a numbers game—not everyone on Tinder follows through.

As people are using Tinder both to find relationships and hookups, be upfront about what you're looking for in your profile. A one-liner at the end of the bio saying "no hookups" or "not looking for anything serious" sets the tone.

Oh, and about the bio—write it. Don't leave it blank. Trust me—you need one. People see so many profiles and only swipe right if you fulfill specific criteria, such as having a close-up photo and a few exciting words about yourself. It's not like real life, where one look gives you an impression. Here, you have to provide potential matches with an impression through your bio and profile pics.

Pros with Tinder: Free, easy to use, and has many members, including older singles. You can choose to only interact with verified members.

Cons with Tinder: Their matching system appears to be based on how near you are to someone, how popular you both are, and how often you respond to messages. In short, it's not a matching algorithm that focuses on your personality. However, due to the sheer amount of members, they likely still have more success stories than any other app. There are fake profiles. Members tend to be flaky, some don't state what they're looking for, and many conversations go nowhere.

Tips for Tinder: Upload some good shots, create a fun bio, and state what you're looking for in that bio. If you like someone and match them, send a good message to grab their attention.

Dating coach and matchmaker Crista Beck told Age Times: "Although it might seem daunting, don't be afraid to dive into the world of Tinder! It’s not just an app for casual flings; many people have found lasting relationships and fulfilling connections with someone special through this platform. So give love a chance – you never know what can happen when you take that first step forward."


This is another super popular free dating app - it had 42 million active members in 2021. Like Tinder, early adaptors were the younger crowds, but now all age groups use the app.

While used for both casual and serious dating, Bumble has a more serious edge than Tinder. You can choose to answer several multiple-choice questions in your profile. This gives you a simple overview of potential dates. It also shows who cared enough to fill it out!

You can also answer questions, like what kind of superpower you'd like to have. These fun facts act as conversation starters, and you can even set a question people can ask you to help them along when messaging you for the first time.

If you match with someone on Bumble, the woman (unless you're both men) has 24 hours to send the first message and the other person 24 hours to reply. If one party or the other does not send a message in this time frame, you get unmatched. This makes people on Bumble more likely to initiate contact and get the ball moving.

You will find that many people who are using Tinder also use Bumble. Still, as a general rule, more people on Bumble are looking for serious relationships. Profiles are also more detailed than on Tinder.

Pros of Bumble: Fun profiles that give an easy overview (and show who cared enough to fill them out). The 24-hour time frame for the first two messages makes people take action. The site and app have free versions. You have to upgrade to a premium membership to re-match with someone or see who has already liked you.

Cons of Bumble: Many people don't take the time to fill out their profiles. Having only 24 hours to send a message is sometimes a downer. If you have a busy day at work or are away for the weekend, you might miss responding and have to pay if you want to make contact. 

Tips with Bumble: Take the time to fill out your profile so people can get to know you and the kind of relationship you're looking for at a glance!


With a reported 1.79 million members in the US, you will not have difficulty finding matches on OkCupid. 

OkCupid focuses on people sharing stories, as opposed to just pictures. As such, the platform is more focused on people looking for serious relationships, though it's not a given. They are also one of the most LGBTQ+-friendly traditional dating sites. 

When you sign up, you answer various questions to help OkCupid find matches for you. It's a mini-personality test. You will be able to see what other members responded to the questions, granted they have made some of their answers public. This leads to fun profiles. 

While you can message anyone, you can only see messages from someone once it's a mutual match. OkCupid has this system to avoid any unwanted messages. OkCupid also has a great blog packed with dating advice and tips for finding someone with whom you're compatible.

Pros of OkCupid: It's a popular platform with interesting profiles, and you won't receive messages from anyone you haven't matched with. You can use the platform with a free membership —the premium features you pay for are not necessary for contacting someone.

Cons of OkCupid: There are few users in the 50+ age group, but as the site is so popular, it still has more members in that age group than some sites dedicated to senior dating.

Tips for using OkCupid: You must take the personality test to get the best results with their matchmaking algorithm. As the site is free to use, it doesn't hurt to create a profile even if fewer members are in the 50+ age group.


POF, or Plenty of Fish as it used to be called, certainly has just that—plenty of fish in the dating pool! They are rumored to have over 90 million members. 

Another plus with POF is that they have a relatively large number of members over 50. And, just as with OkCupid, you'll find that you can use the site or app without coughing up any cash to message other members. You can even send voice notes, which is a neat little perk.

POF has many compulsory questions, unlike some platforms where you choose how many questions you want to answer. That means that the profile quality overall becomes much better.

Pros of POF: Plenty of members, a decent amount of whom are over 50. Free dating site and app—you only upgrade for premium features. You don't need premium features to meet or communicate with other members.

Cons of POF: Not explicitly targeted to over 50s.

Tips for Using POF: Have fun. Seriously. Answer the questions, create a great profile, and chat with as many members as possible that take your fancy!

Match is one of the sites with the most significant number of members who are 45+. 

Match is easy to use and has features such as calling and video calling within the app. That means you can wait to hand out your contact details.

However, Match could be more innovative when it comes to its profiles and search criteria. 

Pros of Match: Free to sign up to check out other members. In addition to messaging, you can make phone and video calls using the platform. Easy to use and well-designed. The site has a lot of members over 45 and generally provides a positive dating experience.

Cons of Match: It costs to use the platform to message others. The profiles, while fairly detailed, could be more innovative.

Tips for Using Match: As with all platforms, remember to do an excellent job with your profile. Be sure to set the age range when looking for members to match with.

Blaine Anderson, a dating coach, told us: "Match is my #1 recommended dating site for anyone 50+ because of its dense network of older singles. Still, your profile is essentially the same whatever site you use, and different sites appeal to different populations in different geographies, so it's worth exploring your options."


OurTime is a dating platform for singles over 50. It has about 1.7 million members in the US, with 180,000 weekly active members. No bad feat.

OurTime organizes meetups for members so you can mingle with singles near you. At least if you're close to a larger city.

You can video chat using OurTime, which is a nice perk. However, to message members and video chat with them, you must first pay for a membership. You can only look around and like peoples' profiles with a free membership.

There's a step-by-step guide for how to sign up for OurTime, making it easy to do so.

Pros of OurTime: It's easy to sign up. Profiles are detailed. They offer a video chat option.

Cons of OurTime: It costs to use the platform if you wish to interact with others.

Tips for Using OurTime: Look around for free before choosing a paid membership option. That way, you'll know if there are members near you that you'd like to interact with.


SilverSingles is significantly smaller than OurTime, with only about 100,000 members from the US. However, it's an excellent dating site that requires you to take a small seven-question personality test when you join. 

While not the most happening dating site, it's easy to sign up for free to look around. However, if you find members you like, you must pay for a membership to message them.

Pros of SilverSingles: It's free to sign up and look around. The dating site is well-designed and offers a mini-personality test to match you with other members.

Cons of SilverSingles: Few users. You have to pay to be able to message other members. The user pool is relatively small.

Tips for Using SilverSingles: Due to the small user pool, look at how many members are near you before paying for a membership.


Zoosk is a big dating site for people of all ages. As with Tinder and Bumble, you can swipe yes or no on matches, but here you also have the option of a "maybe," which will please anyone who can't make up their mind immediately. Their matchmaking algorithm is based on your behavior, such as who you like and who you interact with on the site, so if you are bad at choosing good dates, it might not be the app for you!

You can find both casual relationships and long-term romance on Zoosk.

Zoosk uses strict verification processes, a plus for people tired of fake profiles.

Pros of Zoosk: They have a great new feature that allows you to go on online dating experiences with members on the site (i.e., a new form of video dating). They also have a massive user base and verify all accounts.

Cons of Zoosk: The site is not dedicated to senior singles.

Tips for Using Zoosk: As it's not a site dedicated to one type of relationship or another, you have to be clear about what it is you're looking for. Ask the people you match with what they're looking for, too.


The user base for JDate is mainly Jews in the US looking to find friends and serious relationships. The site has been around for a long time and uses a sophisticated algorithm to match its members. Some claim it's responsible for over 50% of Jewish relationships that start online.

The features on JDate are pretty standard—the profiles aren't detailed, and you can only search for members using simple search criteria. In other words, it's nothing fancy, but it works. And it has both a website and an app.

If you don't like JDate, you can try JSwipe for a good app or SawYouAtSinai for personalized matchmaking. SawYouAtSinai employs over 300 matchmakers!

Pros of JDate: One of the most popular Jewish dating sites in the US with a high success rate for pairing up members. Offers offline events.

Cons of JDate: Not explicitly targeted to over 50s. It's also pricier than some other sites—but you can sign up for free to browse members before buying a premium membership. In addition, it has had some poor reviews due to complaints about inactive members on the site.

Tips for Using JDate: It's a site for serious relationships, and you'll get the most out of the site if you create a detailed profile. Sign up for a free membership first to see if there are any active members near you.

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is a popular site for Christians looking for love. It's exclusively for those looking for more serious relationships. The user base is evenly spread out between men and women and all ages.

The features of Christian Mingle are the same as those of JDate, as they are both run by the Sparks Network.

Pros of Christian Mingle: Easy to use, dedicated to Christians, members are evenly spread out in the different age groups.

Cons of Christian Mingle: Not explicitly targeted to those 50+. No fancy features. Smaller than the more general dating sites.

Tips for Using Christian Mingle: Check that there are active members in your local area before forking out any money.


SeniorMatch is for those 50+ and the people wanting to date them—you can sign up so long as you're 40+. The distribution between men and women is relatively even.

SeniorMatch tends to gather favorable reviews and is available both as a website and as an app for iOS and Android. You can sign up to find love or to meet activity partners and travel companions.

With a free membership, you can browse profiles, send winks, and read at least the first message from someone. To initiate conversations, you need to upgrade. Still, by that time, you'll have a fair idea if there are any exciting members near you.

Pros of SeniorMatch: The site lets you do quite a lot with a free membership. Profiles are reasonably detailed. You can sign up to meet travel and activity partners in addition to meeting dates.

Cons of SeniorMatch: There are reports of fake profiles. It's not popular enough that other members are always near you—especially if you live in the countryside.

Tips for Using SeniorMatch: A section on your profile allows you to write a question for potential dates. Use this, as it helps people who want to connect with you know what to say when messaging you. It's an easy icebreaker!

Elite Singles and eHarmony

These two dating sites should perhaps not be on this list because they're pricey, even if they're free to join. However, they are also different. Both require you to take a personality test when signing up, meaning members who join are generally serious about finding love. Both are top-rated dating sites with over 20 million members worldwide.

EliteSingles has as its niche educated people—over 80% of users hold a university degree. Most of their members are also over 30.

Pros of eHarmony and EliteSingles: Both sites use interesting algorithms to match people using personality questionnaires.

Cons of eHarmony and EliteSingles: They cost a pretty penny, so you may want to look out for special offers before entering the dating game on either of these platforms.

Tips for Using eHarmony and EliteSingles: While the tests will match you with other users, feel free to do your own searches. Who knows, sometimes the algorithm isn't perfect!

South of the Border: It's Just Lunch

Again, this site probably shouldn't be on this list as it's costly, but it's one of the few sites that use real matchmakers. That's right—you don't fill out a profile, nor do you swipe right or left on other peoples' profiles. All you do is speak with a matchmaker who hooks you up with lunch dates. You have to have an initial call for them to assess if you're a fit for any of their current members.

If you aren't great at finding matches or keep dating the wrong people, It's Just Lunch might be a good option. Likewise, if you're too busy to sit filling out profiles and searching for matches, it's an excellent alternative to traditional dating sites for over 50s.

Pros of It's Just Lunch: A real person facilitates matches for you, and you are guaranteed to get dates if they sign you up after the initial call.

Cons of It's Just Lunch: The cost varies depending on how many dates you're looking for and where you live, but expect it to cost $1,500 minimum. They may have few members in your area, but it can still work out for you if you're willing to travel for a date.

Tips for Using It's Just Lunch: Sit back and enjoy someone else doing the matchmaking for you!

Tips for using online dating services

Before you join the online dating world and start chatting away in chat rooms, here are some tips for you: 

  • Fill your diary with lots of exciting activities, events, hobbies, and so forth so as not to get too caught up in whether or not you'll land a date or if someone will text you back
  • Join two dating sites to start—perhaps one senior dating site and one regular one—so as not to overwhelm yourself by signing up everywhere
  • Fill out your profile fully and add at least five recent photos, including one that's a close-up of your face
  • Avoid only using bathroom selfies—show your personality in your photos, such as photos of yourself when you're engaging in hobbies or out with friends 
  • When writing a profile, state things in the positive - "I'm looking for someone financially independent" as opposed to "I don't wish to date people with bad finances"
  • To avoid people who aren't who they say they are, do a video call or meet up in person as soon as possible - you can also choose to interact with verified profiles only but note if it's their photo or ID that's been verified
  • To avoid scams, never hand out personal details online like your social media accounts, your phone number (if your address can be found using it), your home or work address, or your credit card details
  • Meet up with people as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if there's no offline chemistry
  • Keep first meetings short and uncomplicated—a takeaway coffee and a walk in a park is perfect (ensure it's in a public place both for the first, second, and third date)

The best free dating sites for those over 50—the sum up

Choose Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, or POF if you want a free dating site. These are also some of the best dating apps there are.

You can join SilverSingles, SeniorMatch, or OurTime for free if you want a site specifically for senior singles. However, it will cost you to send messages.

If you're looking for a more interesting option that offers a personality test to check your compatibility with potential matches, the best dating sites include eHarmony, EliteSingles, and It's Just Lunch. They aren't free, but you should look at them nonetheless!

If you're looking for faith-based dating, Christian Mingle and JDate are good options if you're Christian or Jewish.

You can also try Zoosk and Match if you want a traditional dating site, but again it will cost to use them if you want to message other members.

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