DateMyAge review: Is it a good dating site?

DateMyAge is a dating site for people over 45 and younger ones interested in dating them. Despite being well-designed and user-friendly, the site has many fake profiles and can be expensive to use.

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DateMyAge review: Is it a good dating site?
  • DateMyAge is a well-designed global dating site and dating app for people 45+ with 600k members in the US.
  • Unfortunately, the site is filled with fake profiles and bots
  • The membership costs aren’t transparent, and it’s an expensive site to use
  • When signing up, you automatically get signed up to other sites in the CupidMedia network

DateMyAge: FAQs

  • Is DateMyAge a safe site to use?

    DateMyAge is not necessarily unsafe to use, but the site contains numerous fake profiles/bots, and their pricing isn’t transparent. There are many better sites out there.

  • How many members does DateMyAge have?

    DateMyAge has over 600,000 members in the US. The site has a global reach and encourages you to date across borders.

  • Do you recommend using DateMyAge?

    No, there are better alternatives—both cheaper and with fewer fake profiles.

  • Is DateMyAge free?

    No. They have different membership tiers which buy a certain amount of credits. In small print, it says that costs increase after the first month.

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If you ask us whether the site is well-designed, features work well, and if there are many members, our answer is yes - it's brilliant.

Unfortunately, there are other issues with this online dating site, including a ton of fake profiles, which have led to many users reporting the site being a scam.

Whether you're looking for love, companionship, or even something casual, our selection of dating sites has something for everyone. Find what you're looking for with Age Times!

What is DateMyAge?

DateMyAge ( places itself as a dating site for mature singles who are young at heart. The site offers a website and dating app for Android and iOS/iPhone.

While gay people can use the site, it’s predominantly a site for straight people, and you don’t get any gender options beyond male/female when signing up. Also, you can only choose to look for men or women, not both. 

What makes DateMyAge a bad dating site?

DateMyAge is not an online dating platform we would recommend due to the following:

  1. Fake profiles. 
  2. High membership fee.
  3. The potential for your profile to end up elsewhere.

Let’s explore these issues in more detail.

1. There are fake profiles and/or bots on the site

I signed up for an account, leaving my profile empty apart from a photo of emoji stickers. Anyone who contacted me did so without knowing anything about me apart from my age and location (so the chances of a real-life person contacting me would be small).

Interestingly, I got several chat requests, video call requests, and messages. Every time I logged in, people wanted to chat with me. 

Why do you get so many chat or video call requests and messages? The site uses bots or hires staff who try connecting with you when you sign up because you have to pay to chat or video chat. Plus, you have to pay to read more than the first message from someone. As this is a site where you pay using credits, you might continue to get these requests once you become a paying member.

The messages I received seemed a bit strange, too. Here’s an example of one:

“Hello, I am Martin, a 48-year-old man, I have had my heart broken a few times, but I came with the intention and thought to open my heart and to give the best there is in it, to give peace and tranquility to the right person, I have never doubted that happiness always comes that we need for our life, so I always give myself new opportunities. At the time of choosing my profession, many years ago, I went for being a businessman and automotive mechanic engineer, my passion of all my life. I am a family man, I like to enjoy life to the fullest, I see love as a unique and incomparable feeling because it never left the values aside, and I look for someone who gives me his support, his affection, that together we support each other achieving connect very well and that our souls make a portal between them; now I ask you can I know if you are looking for the same interests as me?”

The image has been cropped to exclude the profile photo.

They have the Let’s Mingle function, which lets you create a message that gets sent to just about anyone. So perhaps people take their time to consider what to write in a first message, but I have used a lot of dating sites and dating apps and reviewed many more. It’s beyond rare to get a long message like that. And I received many, many that I’d deem fake.

Plus, almost all messages and profiles seem to be written by people with English as a second language.

Reading profiles (including verified ones), you find yourself laughing. One had as their profession “billionaire.” And how about the universe having been created just to bring you together with someone who has an empty profile?

The image has been cropped to exclude the profile photo.

2. It’s ridiculously expensive

The first message you receive you can read for free, and if you want more, you have to pull out your credit card. That’s not unusual. However, having you pay for a membership with credits is.

You can choose between different membership tiers on DateMyAge—each tier costs an additional amount and gives you a specific amount of credits. So if you use more credits than you have bought, you need to pay for extra ones or wait till next month to use the site properly.

It's ridiculously expensive compared to regular membership sites (find cheaper sites listed below). 

What’s more, when you pay, it will say a certain price, but it’s only the first month. In very small print (and very small print at that!), it will advise you what you will be billed next month. And all memberships auto-renew.

In short, their pricing strategy is cheeky, and we find how they put the actual monthly subscription price in small print downright dishonest.

3. Their terms and conditions and privacy policy contain red flags

All dating sites need the right to use your content on their site worldwide. Some, cheekily, by getting consent, also use your photos and information for advertising purposes. Some are very upfront about it and let you control it. Others, like DateMyAge, have left it vague, simply stating that they are allowed to use your content and its derivatives as and how they please. This is likely because they want to use your content for other subsidiaries of CupidMedia, which will take us to the second point.

DateMyAge states that by signing up to their site, you give them the right to sign you up to other sites in their network (i.e., sites owned by CupidMedia, including, and there is a whole boatload of them. 

While reaching a larger number of members is great, you should be able to easily tick which sites you’d like to have your profile on when signing up.

Does DateMyAge have any good features?

Yes, it certainly does have good functions. So if they got rid of the fake profiles (which people tend to refer to as scammers, though that’s not necessarily the right wording), it could be a good site for mature dating.

DateMyAge offers all the standard features you expect from an online dating site. You can:

  • Create a profile. 
  • Verify your account by taking a selfie.
  • Upload public and private photos.
  • Send and receive chat messages (DMs).
  • Chat online through regular live chat.
  • Video chat/video calls.
  • Send smilies, stickers, and gifts.
  • Do an advanced search to find other members.
  • Like other people's profiles and send winks.
  • Message members (including offline messages, as you can message offline members who receive email notifications).
  • Block profiles.
  • Use Let's Mingle, a functionality that lets you send the same introduction message to several members at once.

They do have some security measures in place—you have to verify your email to sign up. Likewise, you have to upload a photo, but I uploaded one of a smiley, and that worked just fine. So clearly, their verification processes need improvement.

DateMyAge supposedly has a customer care team available via email and phone (+1 (800) 291-5025), but no live support on the site. 

You can contact the help center directly through the site, but it didn't work when I tried. This could possibly be because, at the time of writing, the Captcha said there was an error on the domain.

Instead, I sent them an email ( and got an automated reply. I didn’t find this email in the help center, but through external resources. I asked to be removed from their mailing list, but I got a reply saying, “Here’s how to delete your account.” I don’t know if they’ll respond properly later on. 

How DateMyAge works

Their matchmaking algorithm is straightforward—you list some interests, location, body type, and such and then search for members with similar interests or members in a specific location or age range. The site and mobile app target people 45+ and those who are younger and want to date people who are older than them. As such, it’s not really a senior dating site, but seniors do use it.

What dating websites have genuine profiles and cheap memberships?

Let’s start with some free dating sites and mobile apps. These are ones where you can pay for a premium membership, but you don’t have to. The site/app works just fine without one.

Free dating services:

  • Tinder (casual and serious dating for all age groups, with a focus on casual).
  • Bumble (casual and serious dating for all age groups, with a focus on serious relationships).
  • Thursday App (mainly younger people, focus on real-life meetings in big cities).
  • HER (for gay women).
  • Grindr (casual and adult dating for the LBTQ+ community).
  • POF (casual and serious dating for all age groups).
  • Coffee Meets Bagel (mainly serious relationships for all ages).
  • OKCupid (mainly serious relationships for all ages).
  • Hinge (mainly serious relationships for all ages).

Good websites for mature and senior dating:

Of those, SilverSingles is the only one that’s dedicated to singles.

We recommend these online dating platforms for people who want to meet a real person instead of a bot. Other sites are niche when it comes to mature dating, but a lot of them, unfortunately, have some interesting practices going on. Do feel free to recommend one to us if you find one that’s working well for you, however!

Do those websites have any drawbacks?

The pros and cons of different websites vary, but here are some drawbacks that most people complain about when dating online:

  • Not all sites have members in rural areas.
  • There are usually some members who claim to be someone they are not (get on a video call ASAP or only interact with verified members, though they too can lie).
  • People often disappear after chatting for a while—they’ve decided not to date you but won’t tell you why.
  • Whether you’re using Android or Apple, most dating app subscriptions auto-renew (not necessarily a drawback, but people complain about it).

Is DateMyAge worth it?

In our opinion, you’re better off finding another mobile app or dating site that costs less and has fewer fake profiles/bots. Also, it’s useful to be able to control which online dating site you want to be signed up to, and with DateMyAge, they automatically sign you up to all the other dating sites in their network.

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