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8 fashion trends you can discover at QVC

There are some great looks around at the moment, from light and playful tops to dark denim pants. And don't forget those tinted sunglasses and neon and gold leisurewear. You can find all this and more at QVC. This article is sponsored by QVC.

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8 fashion trends you can discover at QVC
  • Playful is big in fashion right now, so scalloped and floaty sleeves can be an on-trend look
  • Swirly swishy dresses are a seasonal must have, as are timeless evergreen numbers
  • Other trends include V-necks, turtle necks, padded coats, and big bold neon leisurewear
  • From pants perfection to great adaptive wear, you'll find a host of ideas to wow up your wardrobe at QVC

8 fashion trends you can discover at QVC FAQs

  • What are the in and out trends for 2024?

    It depends on what you're looking for, as different categories have different trends in play. For instance, while big and bold is the name of the game with dresses, a more somber quiet luxury is dominating most knitwear circles. On the other hand, some looks never go out of fashion, such as well-chosen polo shirts.

  • What fashion is trending?

    Big names are dominating for a lot of fashion-watchers right now. However, you don't need to spend hugely to get looks inspired by such celestial types. QVC can help you look amazing, no whatever your budget.

  • What are the lifestyle trends in 2024?

    There's a whole bunch of them, from the color that's on trend (apricot crush), to plant milk and meal drinks gracing our glassware. One of the biggest lifestyle trends however is known as thrift-dult, which is a fashion approach that combines repurposed clothing with inexpensive new items, along with a whole bunch of attitude.

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What's big this season? If you keep even half an eye on fashion, you'll know that this year is the year of bows and sequins. Last year's nostalgia and minimalism is out; playfulness and fancy are in. As well as this, it's notable how many people are opting for timeless elegance. This may be down to how broke we all are: not many people want to invest hugely in an outfit that doesn't deliver staying power on the runways or sidewalks.

We'll take a look at the stunning collection of latest looks at QVC, to see what's currently floating the fashion flotillas of folks who live in the real world. Sure, it's nice to check out what's currently draped on Victoria Beckham, but when it comes to most of us, we need somewhere that sells great quality clothes at an affordable price. Button up and let's go.

1. Blouses and tops

So, as we've said, playful is where it's at right now, so tops that attract the eye are a must. But that doesn't mean that you need to dress over the top (although you can if you want to, of course). You can choose a relatively sober top, like a polo shirt, and ramp up the impact with a great accessory.

Or take these Quacker Factory tops, that look relatively modest on first glance, but have a playful side as demonstrated by their scalloped sleeves and crystal highlights. There's a similar subtle fun vibe at play with these pointelle tops with flutter sleeves, which can give any outfit a lift and bring a bit of whimsy to your day.

Alternatively, if your taste is more along the lines of the dramatic, like the ruffled rose blouses that Simone Rocha puts out, QVC has your back (and your front) with this floral triumph with mandarin collar from Figuero & Flower.

Get your hands on fashionable blouses and tops from QVC here

2. Dresses

Swishy and swirly are key qualities of dresses this season, and QVC has countless ideas to really juice up your wardrobe.

Let's start big, with maxi dresses. One of the key trends this year is bold prints that really catch the eye and make a statement. Try the Attitudes dress by Renee, with a choice of show-stopping prints including Night Blooms and Safari Chic combined with flutter sleeves for a lightweight look perfect for a hot date. Supremely practical, too, with wrinkle-resistant material letting you look your best no matter what.

Turning now to more formal events, we all need to think about classic lines from time to time, and a great example is the One-Shoulder Long Dress from Rene Ruiz. Getting back to what we were discussing with clothes needing to stick around for a while so we get our money's worth, this is the kind of dress that will live through the ebbs and flows of countless trends, being a great example of what never goes out of fashion: elegance. 

See the line-up of great dresses at QVC now

3. Pants and jeans

What's been seen striding down the red carpet so far this year? Wide legs (such as Capri pants) have been favored by many, and you can replicate the impact with some great possibilities at QVC. Try these Susan Graver Reg Liquid Knit Wide-Leg Pants for instance. With easy-wearing comfort combined with great color options, these pants will take you places.

If denim's more your thing, you're not alone. The market for this durable and attractive material is continuing to grow, which explains why it's featured in so many runway collections lately. Dark denim is particularly big right now, and you can get on board the indigo express with LOGO by Lori Goldstein (go for the dark wash option for the most up-to-date look).

Slip into the best pants and jeans at QVC

4. Coats and jackets

The denim trend doesn't stop at the waistline. Carry on up with a well-chosen piece of dark blue jacketwear, like the Susan Graver Notch Collar Blazer, in antique wash for that deep and mellow look.

Or, if you're anticipating chillier times, you might want to go for something more akin to the huge duvet coats we saw swaddling down the runway over the last few months. No need to go totally tog-crazy though. Instead, try this Peace Love World Puffer Vest, which has the coziness of a duvet coat but has the advantage of allowing you to fit down the average supermarket aisle.

QVC has coats and jackets all wrapped up

5. Sweaters

What's new in knitwear? Big this year and just right for fall wear are V-necks and turtlenecks, and QVC has plenty of great options here. Firstly, try an Ivy League sporty look with the Isaac Mizrahi Live! Clubhouse Cable. Sheer class, quiet luxury, and smart enough to wear at the most select (but chilly) event.

And for a totally turtletastic look, try this Denim & Co Printed Perfect Jersey Turtle Neck Top. A tartan-inspired design available in six different colors, this gives equal amounts of warmth and wow, and is a very economical option too.

Moving away from jumpers and into the land of buttons, librarian cardigans are one of the biggest fashion trends of the last little while, and you can give yourself a biblio boost with one of QVC's items, made from high quality materials and giving a very flattering profile. Go modest with the restrained LOGO by Lori Goldstein Stretch Cardigan if you want some really classy low-impact fall wear.

Or go for something bold, beautiful and louder than any library can handle with the Attitudes by Renee Artisan Inspired Fringe Cardigan.

Discover knitwear to be noticed in at QVC

6. Loungewear and activewear

Style isn't just about luxury looks and runway ritz. It's also about what to wear down to the gym or on the sofa. And right now, this gear's looking lively, with neons and golds dominating. Try the Belle Body by Kim Gravel Bungee Trim Athletic, in a number of fabulously fizzing colors, including the raspberry for that millennial pink look.

Or put your feet up while wearing the AnyBody Tall Cozy Knit Cargo Jogger Pant (in Golden), and your posse will pant when they behold the gold.

QVC has the look for your leisure time here

7. Accessories

Outfits aren't just about the threads or the hottest numbers on show in fashion week. Staying on top of the biggest fashion trends means keeping an eye on what's in when it comes to accessories. And a key accessory that can zap up any outfit is a cool pair of sunglasses. 

Fashion trends this year are all about heavy tint, like the Kirks Folly Glitter Goddess beauties.

Also featuring in fashion trends is the XXL tote, which are bags in which you can carry several children, while leaving room for a small family car. QVC has a huge range of these, including the Aimee Kestenberg Worth It Leather Expandable Tote.

Let QVC give your look extra points with an out-of-this-world accessory

8. Adaptive clothing

When it comes to the biggest fashion trends, one look that never seems to go out is khaki, and QVC has a great pair of khaki pants specially made for wheelchair users, from No Limbits. They're designed especially for sitting down, so don't bunch up like regular pants, and side zips make putting them on much easier.

Check out the great range of adaptive clothing available at QVC

Liven up your look at QVC

So, there you have it - eight style areas in which QVC is currently smashing it. It's well worth having a sashay round there to see what fashion trends might suit you best. Whatever your age, from Gen Z to no questions asked, you'll find something bang on trend to get you looking simply sensational at QVC.

Image Credit: Tamara Bellis at Unsplash

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